Slide Projector

1300 Ansi Lumens

1 to 80 People

  • 1 Day: $65.00
  • 2 Days: $108.00
  • 3 Days: $152.00
  • 1 Week: $195.00 


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 This slide projector is the best  professional projector for many reasons. It has the features most will use (auto-focus, remote-focus, variable timer, etc), projects an excellent picture, and like all the Ektagraphic III machines it is very durable.Remote-focus allows you to manually focus each slide with the wired remote control. And the Timer feature is a slider control that will automatically advance the tray to the next slide at a set interval (adjustable from about 3 to 30 seconds per slide).

Unique Features

  • Timer (3-22 sec)
  • Remote focus
  • Autofocus
  • Autofocus ON/OFF switch
  • Remote control, Model EC-3
    • Extra Bright Lamp Module (30% brighter)
    • 1300 lumens with EXR lamp
    • Accepts 2 x 2 inch slides in standard 80 and 140 circular slide trays
    • Precise horizontal and vertical slide registration
    • Gentle gravity feed of slides
    • Forward and reverse at control panel and with remote control
    • Manual focus at control panel
    • Four-position lamp operation (OFF, FAN, LO, HI) (LO reduces lumens 30% and prolongs lamp life)
    • Dependable, rugged design
    • Accepts rack-mount style lens
    • Built-in reading light
    • Built-in carry handle
    • Easy access to lamp module for quick lamp changes
    • Safety thermal cut-off fuses prevents overheating
    • Dark screen shutter eliminates light on screen when no slide
    • Quick-release elevating foot (up to 16 degrees elevation)
    • Rear leveling adjustment foot
    • Bolt-down fixing socket (accepts 1/4 in. by 20-thread bolt)
    • Slide tray removal with power off
    • Supplied with 82V, 300W EXR lamp (approx 35 hrs)
    • Ships with cabled remote control (except Model E Plus), Universal 80-slide tray, and instruction manual (unless noted otherwise for special dealer configuration)
    • Voltage: 110V-125V, 60Hz operation, except models BR and ABR*
    • Attached power cord; 10-ft, 3-prong, grounded U.S. plug Except models BR and ABR*
    • 7-pin connector for external dissolve controls
    • 8-pin special applications socket
    • Storage compartment for remote control or lamps, except models BR and ABR*
    • UL and CSA approvals
    • Dimensions - Approximately 11 x 13 x 5 in., without slide tray.
    • Weight - Approximately 11.75 lbs.