Choosing the right projector for your business..

Some popular questions from our clients are:

1. What brightness level do I require?
2. What Resolution is right for me?
3. How portable should my projector be?
4. What does the PC Free and Wireless features mean?
5. Is there anything else to look for?
6. What projectors do you recommend for business use?
1. What brightness level do I require?
Brightness with all Digital Projectors is universally measured in ANSI Lumens. Tradionally the brightness level for business projectors ranges from 1000 to 4000 ANSI Lumens. Your viewing environment will be a major factor in determining how bright your projector must be. In a standard sized meeting room (ie approx 20 people with lights on), a brightness level of 2000 Lumens or more is recommended. A lower brightness can still be used, however the ambient light in the room may have to be lowered to ensure a clear image.  Required brightness levels will vary depending on ambient light and screen size. In larger rooms (ie conferences or conventions) where a large screen size is required (120-200" diagonal) 3000 Lumens or more is recommended to ensure the image does not look faint or washed. 

 Troubleshooting PROJECTORS


Projector  hire melbourne Troubleshooting Tips
We will give you a list of links and downloads designed to help you out of a hard spot.


All of our equipment data projectors ,projectors screens ,HD video cameras is tested before it leaves our work shop. So if you are having a problem, more likely than not it’s a small issue that can be fixed within seconds. The following is a list of problems commonly experienced by clients which generally can be fixed immediately.


Data Projected image is the wrong size
1. Try altering the lens .
2. Try moving the unit closer (for a smaller image) or further away (for a bigger image).


if the Image is fuzzy
1. Try altering the lens.
2. Try projecting onto a different surface.
3. Try a lower resolution on your computer or notebook


Projector will not turn back on immediately after I turn it off
The projector is in standby mode. Wait 10 minutes and try turning it back on.


There is no place to plug the VGA cable into my PC
Unplug the monitor and plug it into the video card.


I have an image on my PC Laptop screen, but not on the projector
On your laptop using a combination of the function key (Fn) (located in the extreme lower left of your keyboard) and one of the following Function keys (at the top of your keyboard) to change which displays your laptop will display an image on.



I have an image on my Laptop screen, but not on the projector
Ensure the projector is switched on and connected to the laptop using the cables provided by projector hire melbourne .


Click on System Preferences ? Displays ? Click on the ‘Arrange’ Tab